Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great Humpback Whale day!

Private charter had a great day! The first whales we saw wouldn't leave us alone. We shut down the boat and they hung out with us for about thirty minutes. They would cruise around and chill out upside down directly under the boat. The water was flat and clear and nearly water skiable !

One whale was vertical in the water with its nose about five feet underwater right next to our bow for around ten minutes. Im not spiritual but everyone felt blessed by the whale gods.

On the way home we saw several more whales( at least 20) including a mother with a calf that must have jumped out of the water fifty times. No exaggeration! The little guy seemed happy to be alive but apparently didn't want to be in the water.

Got a call from a friend who was with a 25 foot whale shark and they were only a mile away. We got there as fast as we could but it wasn't interested in hanging out with people and disappeared before we got there. We kept looking for it for about 15 minutes with no luck but we did find a scalloped hammerhead cruising on the surface. It also was uninterested in people and dove before we could get in the water with it.

We were so distracted by the Whale activity that we never made it inshore to swim with the spinner dolphins....oh well

Lots a fun on a beautiful kona day!

Best fishes!


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