Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back....

It's been awhile since posting...

We've been real busy. There have been plenty of manta rays and dolphins and there are still a few humpback whales hanging around. Conditions underwater have been great even though we've had a lot of windy days. Viz has been excellent and the temp is around 76 degrees.

Spent a week out of the water for dry dock. Had annual coast guard inspections and repowered the boat with new cummins engines. Boats running well and it's good to be back to diving. I don't mind turning wrenches but diving is more fun!

Yesterday's private charter went really well. We had returning clients that swam with a whale shark with us last year and got to watch scout actually stand up and walk across the back of the whale shark! Was very exciting and coool. Between dives we headed out to catch an Ono or Mahi Mahi and ran into a small group of Pygmy killer whales. They were moving slow and were easy to swim with. Super chill animals that look a lot like melon head whales. Heading back into shore we dropped off the divers in garden eel cove where there were a couple hundred spinner dolphins playing around and let the ladies on board spend about 40 minutes swimming with them. That's always scouts favorite part of the day. The dolphins were very social and friendly.

On our way home we dropped the lures back in the water and hooked up with a nice Ono that was around 23 -25 lbs

Everyone got to take home fish and everyone was happy!


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