Friday, March 04, 2005

Dive Log, February 2005

Forgive me blogger, for I have sinned. It's been ONE MONTH since my
last blog! I guess time flies when you dive everyday! So, let's get
caught up.

February was characterized by the usual north west swells although not
as big as previous years. Still, with 2 to 5 foot swells, we spent a
lot of time going south to find the best conditions. The Humpback
whales were singing their mating song and the calves were practicing
their breaching. The weather wasn't as nice as usual mostly due to the
cloud/ vog mixture. Underwater the visibility averaged in the usual 100
ft + range. The Mantas weren't showing up at night, but the daytime
trips were exciting. There were weekly sightings of hammerhead sharks
and whale sharks by numerous boats on the Kona Coast.

Personally, we visited Pawai Bay Marine Sanctuary quite often. There
were often white tip reef sharks, mantas and eagle rays cruising by.
Along with the usual loads of colorful reef fish we also regularly
watched an unusually large pack of young Giant Travelly working the
reef. At two feet in length, with their iridescent blue fins, they are
impressive. We would watch as they darted around the reef working
together for a tasty snack. You knew when they were nearby because
suddenly the fish around you would dive down into the coral by the

Lone Tree arch also became a favorite of the month. Because of its
south facing shore line, it was protected from the northwesterly
swells. There was a Giant Barracuda trying to blend in with the shadow
of the large archway. It hung out there for a few visits and would
check us out as much as we checked it out. The other nearby lava tubes
were also accessible and we had lots of fun exploring and cruising
through them on our Torpedoes. Other highlights were the Dragon
Wrasses, which seemed to be everywhere and the striking yellow and
black Flatworms which also seemed to be more prolific lately.

We had a couple great days (between swells) at Manta Ray Bay and Turtle
Pinnacle in which we were blessed with Dolphins, Eagle Rays and Green
and Hawksbill turtles.

Congratulations to all of the new divers who finished their
certifications with us in February, and to all of the Introductory
divers who experienced blowing bubbles with us for the first time. May
you all have many more special days on the water in your future.