Saturday, May 05, 2007

May 5, 2007

Hi everyone....

I wanted to let everyone know about my recent experiences in Kona.

When I visited Kona for the first time in '99 I did my very first
introductory dive with Nicki from Torpedo Tours. At the time, Nicki and
her husband Mike's business was a relatively young company... I had a
great time on my intro -- I now hold NIcki personally responsible for
my scuba addiction. I returned 6 months later and Nicki certified.

Well... I was sliding down the slippery slope and picking up speed!
Six and a half years later, with almost 600 warm water dives I'm now an
open water scuba instructor. I've dived, Hawaii, Fiji, Belize and

Over the years, on the occasions that I would get to Kona, I had
drifted away from Torpedo Tours... trying out other companies... taking
recommendations from friends... and in general, shopping around. Well,
today, I had the opportunity to have a reunion with Torpedo Tours.

Mike and Nicki have bought another boat! They still have their
previous boat, the Dive Bomber. Both boats are painted their signature
yellow... makes them easy to pick out of a crowd